What is The Freshman Fun Box™️?
The Freshman Fun Box™️is a recurring monthly college care package and subscription box designed to keep students safe and happy, parents worry free and aid in making the transition of being away from home a little easier. Carefully curated with students in mind, items change every month to ensure they have the essentials and so much more. Our brand also includes The HBCU Box®️ for students attending historically black colleges and universities.   

How does the subscription work? Can I subscribe for the entire school year?
Absolutely! Boxes can be ordered just once, or based on a subscription. Full year options with or without summer can be found on the gift box page of the main site.

When will I be billed for the recurring subscription?
Your initial purchase (first box) is billed when you sign up. Recurring billing starts with the second box on the 26th of each month. The boxes ship around the 10th of each month. Cutoff dates for ordering are the 20th of each month. Orders received after the 20th will be send the following month (ex: order Aug 21st - receive Oct box.) You will not be billed for the next box until after the box from the current month has been shipped/delivered. Your subscription will auto renew each month unless you decide to cancel. As a reminder, you will receive an email a few days prior to your billing cycle.

What are your payment methods?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Diner’s Club. Some methods of payment may not work for the recurring monthly subscription.

When does The Freshman Fun Box™️ and The HBCU Box®️ ship?
We normally ship around the 10th of each month.. You will receive a shipping confirmation email that includes your order information and tracking number. You will also receive delivery confirmation once it has reached the address listed on the order. 


MONTHLY AND GIFTED CUSTOMERS: PLEASE NOTE THE MONTHLY ORDER CUT-OFF DEADLINES TO ENSURE YOU ARE INCLUDED IN THE CURRENT BATCH. The current cutoff date to order a box is the 20th of each month. Any orders received after this date will ship in the following month. EX: Orders after Aug. 20th will be shipped in October.

The cut-off date does NOT apply to birthday boxes, which can be ordered any time of the year for immediate delivery on the gift box page.

Why do you have a cut-off date?
We pre-order items for the following month and want to make sure every student receives their box with no delays.

Can I gift the Freshman Fun Box™️ or The HBCU Box®️?
Absolutely! Select your box from the main ordering or gift box page indicating in your cart it is a gift. There is a space to sent a message to the recipient.

Can I ship to more than one person?
Absolutely! If you have more than one box, please contact us to set up an account where you can monitor all your selections. We’ll take care of the rest!

How much is the Freshman Fun Box™️ and The HBCU Box®️?
The Freshman Fun Box™️ is $79.99 per month. Shipping is included with recurring subscriptions.

What countries do you ship to?
Currently, we only ship throughout the United States. 

How much is the value of the products in the box?
We place a huge emphasis on QUALITY. The value of each box is $110.00 or more every month.

How do I cancel my recurring subscription or skip a box?
Just log into your account to cancel or suspend your box until further notice. Cancellations take effect during the following month if you have already been billed for the current shipment.

*** Recurring subscribers *** You must cancel or suspend your order prior to the 15th of each month. If you experience any issues with suspension or cancellation, please email hi@freshmanfunbox.com and request a cancellation or suspension. You will receive an email confirming your request.

YEARLY SUBSCRIBERS who wish to cancel will be charged the full price of the boxes already shipped, along with shipping and a restocking fee. Cancellations must occur by the 8th of the billing month.

How do I reactivate my account?
Just log into your account and pick up where you left off. Your normal billing cycle will resume.

How do I update my billing information?
Log into your account and edit your payment information. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US UPDATED PAYMENT INFORMATION. Our system is encrypted and this is the best way to keep your personal information safe.

How do I update my shipping information?
Log into your account to update your mailing address or email us at hi@freshmanfunbox.com. 

What if something was damaged or missing?
If you are missing something from your box or something was damaged in shipping and handling, please email us at hi@freshmanfunbox.com within three (3) days of receiving your box and the item will be replaced. If broken, please attach a photo of the item for inventory purposes. Any requests three (3) days after receipt will not be honored.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
At this time, we do not accept returns or exchanges as this is a customized subscription box. We do value your suggestions, and welcome your feedback. Please send this information to hi@freshmanfunbox.com.

Can I change style preferences?
Yes you can. Log into your account to change the style and size if needed or email us at hi@freshmanfunbox.com. 

What if my address was incorrect and my box was returned to sender?
If your box was returned, we will reship as a one-time courtesy for free. Please make sure your current address is correct prior to billing. The address in the system on the date of payment is the address where your box will be shipped.

I’m interested in getting my products into the box. Who do I contact?
We’re always interested in working with businesses to offer the best items we can to our subscribers. Send us an email to hi@freshmanfunbox.com.

I’d like to review the Freshman Fun Box™️ or The HBCU Box®️. How would I do this?
We have a pre-screening selection process in place. Please email us at hi@freshmanfunbox.com with your information. We will review your request and contact you for further information. Please indicate in the subject line it is a review request.

Do you work with organizations?

We sure do! Send an inquiry email to hi@freshmanfunbox.com and someone will be in touch.

Additional questions? Contact us at hi@freshmanfunbox.com.