Behind the Brand

Products. Partners. Purpose. 

We keep college students safe and happy, parents worry free and our partners connected to their students throughout the year. We work tirelessly to consistently give our best through every product, partnership, donation and resource to make a difference.  

The Idea ... The Journey

Sometimes you don't even realize your path until it hits you in the face. It's a blessing with a greater purpose than I knew. From simply being thoughtful and sending my daughter items in school, this became something bigger - something God planted on my heart in the middle of one Friday night in May 2018. When you step out on faith, you must be prepared for all that's in store. 

This one dream I took seriously has turned into a brand beyond my wildest dreams, embracing all my training and skills acquired throughout the years. Who knew that my design, writing, marketing and teaching skills would tap into my creative side, birthing something so special? God did.

An amazing journey filled with new ideas, products and partnerships that keeps growing and expanding, I hold fast to the promise. More than a brand, it's a legacy. Welcome to the world of Freshman Fun Box™️.

I'm truly grateful. Thanks for being part of the blessing. 

Peachi Williams, Creative Director


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