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I sent the Freshman Fun Box to my son and he loved it! The mix of essentials and fun items made adjusting to college life so much easier for him.

Mike R.

"This makes me cry a little bit. It's so sweet! Freshman Fun Box. This is a good one."

Colleen Odegaard, co-host Charlotte Today

The HBCU Box is amazing! It's packed with items that are not only useful but also celebrate our rich culture and history. Highly recommend!

Aisha M.

Fun box is so personable. When you get your box you know inside there’s going to be something that you need and most definitely something that you want. There’s always a “taste of home” inside to comfort you. The items are awesome well put together you can tell a lot of thought was put in everything in that FUNBOX!

Cheryl B.

The Freshman Fun Box was a lifesaver for my daughter during her first semester. It had everything she needed and more. The little surprises brought a big smile to her face!

E. Thompson