Elevate and Excel: A Guided Affirmation Journal for College Students

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Have you ever looked at your college-bound or college student and wondered, “Who are you?”

It may be difficult to figure that out while navigating college, but learning how to find the way is just as important as the journey. Elevate and Excel is a guided affirmation journal for college-bound and current college students to reinforce and restore the concepts of self-care, self-esteem, and confidence throughout the college experience. Easy to read, this journal provides 30 affirming statements and self-guided questions to help add perspective for students who have never really been good with writing down their thoughts, or those who enjoy writing and reflection.

Elevate and Excel helps students:

•Establish personal values

•Explore their emotions

•Examine relationships

•Realize their dreams

•Set personal goals

•Strengthen writing skills

•Become aware of their unique needs

•Adjust their attitudes and mindset.

It’s a great way to help them get in touch with their feelings and uncover the strength that lies within.

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