Your student chose trade school and that's OKAY!

Choosing where to go or what to do after high school can be difficult. While most people set out for college, there’s a reality most people ignore – college isn’t for everyone. Have you noticed the number of high schools that integrate two tracks into their curriculum? Schools have started offering a trade school option in addition to the traditional college route. While the norm is to study hard, ace the entrance exams, go to college, get a degree, and move on to the working world to earn a good amount of money to make a living … society isn’t built that way anymore. There's no shame or lesser value in your student choosing to go to a trade school and investing in their talents now. In fact, for those students who have the insight that they just aren’t cut out for college, this can prove to be cheaper and possibly quite lucrative early on. Many students who chose this path do quite well and end up making good money before someone else's first four years of college are over. With technology being at the forefront of everything, there are other alternatives besides college that can also lead to a successful career.

Freshman Fun Box | Your Kid Chose Trade School

Without a doubt, college is a place where students are exposed to different cultures, personalities and areas of study. Electives are there to enrich the mind, help determine what they want to do, and produce well-rounded individuals (at least that’s what they are supposed to do) during the four (or more) years of college. In trade school, the completion time is much shorter (two years compared to four years at a college) but during this time, students complete AS degree programs that prepare them for the workplace. While there are differences, students learn how to meet new people, deal with others and network in both places. Trade school programs are just administered at a faster pace and most likely offers some kind of job training opportunity. It’s the same as an internship, but geared toward entering the workforce a lot sooner.

One of the key points to remember when going to trade school – your students must do the research to make sure their career path is wise. As the working environment and landscape continuously change, it’s best to pursue careers that are and will be in high demand. Considering the relevance of certain areas of study should be a priority.

Even so, there is no complete guarantee that students who graduate from college will enter the workforce at a high salary. The same goes for trade school. The bottom line is, even if your student chooses trade school in an effort to bypass four years of college, that’s OKAY. The great thing about having a skill set it … no one can take it from you.