Unpacking Your Dorm Room With Style

Believe it or not, unpacking your dorm room is a science. Doing too many things at once will clutter a space that’s already small. If your roommate is there, and your parents, things could get crazy pretty quickly. Here are a few tips:

Organization is key
As you pack at home, put like items together. This will help you find things quicker, but it can also serve as an inventory list. You’ll know what box is for that specific task you are working on.

Clean first
Clean the room. Dust, wipe down doorknobs, door sills, mop, clean the bathroom and all the other areas of use. It doesn’t matter whether or not the school said they clean – nothing beats a room you and your parents cleaned yourself.

When you categorize the way you unpack, it makes things easier. Think of things like this: Closet, drawers, nightstand, bathroom, shelving, anything else, bed, refrigerator (after you go to the store).

Distribute the tasks. Have someone do the bathroom or closet while you’re doing the drawers. Make sure each box is emptied before you go to another. This will keep confusion down and set you up for success.

Ground rules
If there are more than three people in the room at the time, it’s important to set some ground rules – especially if your roommate hasn’t arrived yet. Hopefully you will have figured out the room design or color scheme before you get there.

The college or boarding school should have an area where all trash and boxes should be dumped. Find out from the helpers where this area is, and be mindful of others. As you’re unpacking, break down each box to give you more room.

Once the parents leave, rearranging things or finishing up with your roommate will be a good way to break the ice and give you both a chance to get to know each other.

Have an awesome year!