Setting a routine – how hard can that be?

Now that the shock of your student being away from home is starting to set in, it’s time to start setting a routine that keeps your worries at bay. For parents, this is easier said than done – for students, they are probably wrapped up in all the activities going on around campus and haven’t had a chance to consider they are truly on their own.

Truthfully, it’s easy to “forget” to do the little things. While being away from home is a completely different ballgame, setting a schedule (even if it’s only five minutes) will keep you connected. Pick a day throughout the week as a check-in so both parties can breathe easy knowing everyone is okay.

“Be well, do good work and keep in touch.”

~ Garrison Keillor

We often get so busy in our lives that days go by without communication. We look up and three, four, five days pass … then it’s two weeks. Don’t let that happen. Despite giving students their independence, it’s important to let them know they don’t have to be so independent that they can’t call with their issues, and they can always call to say hello.

Mobile technology has made it so easy to not only call, but you can Facetime, Skype, have a Zoom call, WhatsApp and more. Being able to put a face to a voice is not only comforting, but eases the pain (especially for those first-time college parents who have an only child).

Student life can be very busy. Despite all the activities and fun, the workload is harder, exams more challenging, and … guess what? They may actually find that they have to study. High school may have been a park, but college is something on an entirely different level. Even most elective classes that don’t use books have exams. It’s now their new world.

Did you pack a set of notes for them to open when…? If not, this is just another reason why setting a check-in schedule is important. Don’t be pushy, but be firm. One day, your students will thank you for it.