Maximizing Space in a College Dorm Room

That long blank stare that you have while thinking of how you will organize your dorm room – we’ve all been there! Going to college means you could potentially be living independently in a nearby apartment, or you can find yourself in the dorm. Although most dorm rooms have been renovated, they are still relatively small, so space may be limited to your immediate needs.

 We’ve gathered the best 7 dorm room hacks to get you ready to live a functional, aesthetically pleasing dorm room all your own without spending thousands of dollars!

  •  Maximize your storage – Use Bed Risers!
One of the most common problems a student can have when living in a dorm room is the lack of storage.  From the comfort of their wide bed and walk-in closets to have to fit most of your stuff in a single drawer- the transition can be a shock.
These bed risers can surely give you a lot of space- at the same time making sure it’s all organized.   
  • Use space saving hangers to store more clothes

These colorful hangers are designed to hold up to 6 items of clothing. They are strong and would be perfect for your space-saving needs. It works with any rod that you have in the closet and is truly a space-saving technique!


  • Make use of kitchen trolley carts

 A student must have these multipurpose, organized trolleys that are the perfect tool to organize your non-perishable food items and other personal belongings - even kitchenware. They can be coordinated to fit the aesthetic of your room because it comes in different colors! A must-have in a college dorm room! 

To further maximize a dorm room, this excellent hack puts most of your personal belongings within reach! This is designed for small living spaces and is also removable so you won’t have to worry about it when you switch dorms or graduate and go home. 

  • Corner Wall Shelf

One could never go wrong with these corner wall shelves – make use of that corner to organize your books without having to sacrifice a lot of space in your room or desk.

  • Bedside Shelf for Bed

A good solution for your dorm room, this clip-on little accessory is the ultimate hack as you can place your smartphone, eyeglasses, keys, and those other bedtime accessories close by. A perk - it can be clipped anywhere!

  • Pegboards are a trend now!

If you’re a fan of aesthetic Japanese minimalist decorations – check these decorative pegboards for your college dorm room.  These can be placed anywhere near your desk. It’s the perfect accessory for those who wanted to be organized and wanted some space for keys, pen holders, notes, and even calendars!

 With all these hacks and tips for maximizing storage, it’s possible to achieve a clean finish as well as an organized look with just a small space- use these to draw on your creativity. Most of these hacks are removable and cost-effective so students and their parents don’t have to spend a fortune in making their dorm rooms functional!