Getting through your first month

If you're a freshman in college or boarding school, your first month could be difficult. You may not know anyone, are in a different state, and your schedule is completely out of control. It can be challenging not knowing anyone, or knowing how to get around without a car. The first month is overwhelming - there are so many things going on around campus that are sure to have you wondering what's next? That's not necessarily a bad thing though ... you'll be able to find out what types of organizations are on campus, you'll start meeting new people, and most of all, you'll get a chance to EXPLORE.

You feel as if you're running a race - that never ends. But, once the month starts dwindling down, you'll sit back and realize how much fun you had, reflect on how you felt when you first got to school, and appreciate the fact that you made it. For those of you who are in your second year or higher, this is a time when you realize you made it through your freshman year and feel as if you know the ropes - a little. Things change, and so do people. One thing's for certain - you're ready to make your mark on the new year.

Take a deep breath and get ready for something awesome - just for you.