Does your student need a tutor?

Does your student need a tutor? Midterms are either in full swing or over, and you’ve received news that your student hasn’t done as well as they may have originally thought. Even if they brush it off, it’s a good time to help determine whether or not a tutor is needed. Here are a few signs:

Homework is a struggle
If your student is having a hard time taking notes, understanding their notes, or putting it all together, they don’t have the foundation to complete their homework or assignments. It’s a clear indication they may need help.

Grades are slipping
In boarding school, you may be able to track your student’s progress, but once they are in college, it’s an entirely new ballgame. If your student does not want to give you access to see how they are doing, that may be an indication that something is going on with their grades.

Lack of confidence
Once your student starts blowing off how they did on an assignment, the red flags should start waving. Students are very proud of good work – when they don’t want to share, or start wavering on their ability to do well on the quiz or exam, it’s time to have a discussion.

Being in a new environment, your student may be shy about wanting to speak to their professor. Let them know it is not only okay, but expected if they are having difficulty. Professors are more than happy to direct students to tutors and labs where they can get the help they need. It demonstrates they are being proactive and are serious about succeeding.

Higher education is supposed to be challenging, but not to the point where your student wants to give up. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. Maybe they need help in learning how to take better notes, or how to organize their time. In many cases, it’s the little things that may be hindering them from success.

If you see any of these signs, have them find a tutor FAST. It could be the deciding factor to a pass or fail.