Creatively Confined: 6 Ways to Spend your Time During COVID-19

Even though we’ve been confined to the house (unless you’re an essential employee) there are things you can do to not only take advantage of the extra time, but get things in order. Here are 6 ways to spend your time during COVID-19. These suggestions work for high school, college and parents at home:

  • Tackle those projects
    Let’s face it – almost everyone has a “project” they’ve wanted to do, like writing an article or book; organizing a closet, drawer or room; learning how to cook something, etc. Now’s the time to do it! Schedule blocks of time where you treat that project as a hard deadline. If you can’t do it all at once, break the time up into chunks until you get it done. Make yourself a calendar reminder and post sticky notes on your mirror to keep yourself on task.

  •  Take that course
    Reading the book that’s been on your list forever also falls into this category. Life always seems to get in the way, right? While you may be having cabin fever, that course or book is calling out to you. It’s the perfect time to explore things and subjects you’ve always been interested in or wanted to do but felt you never had enough time.

  •  Revamp or write your resume
    If you’re about to graduate from college, add a LinkedIn profile to this list. With so much uncertainty going on, you want to be at the top of your game. Now’s the time to take a look at your skills and make sure they are highlighted in the best way possible. High school students – you need a resume too! Go through your activities and things you’ve done, consider your other skills and start building your resume.

  •  Network
    Almost everyone is working from home – yes, the executives as well. That means it’s time to make connections! Now is the perfect time to reach out and meet people. If you’re headed off to college soon, taking the time to network with the different departments you’ll need once you’re on campus makes sense. College graduates – you have an opportunity to connect with individuals on a personal level which will probably disappear once things to back to normal. Don’t let the window of opportunity close.

  •  Find a mentor
    This mentor could be a college student who can lend advice on what to anticipate when starting college, to someone who can advise on internships and other helpful information. The purpose of a mentor is to help manage the learning curve while providing insight, connections and direction. A mentor can also be a teacher or professional who want to help you succeed.

  •  Get organized
    Many people struggle with organization, and being thrown into creating virtual workspaces without proper planning only added to the confusion. Use the extra time to go through the clutter. An organized space will enhance workflow and increase productivity.

 This is a crazy time, but you CAN make the most of it. When it’s all over, you’ll be able to reflect and know you did something worthwhile now, and for the future.

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