College Application Process: A Complete Guide

The college application process can be a little challenging and complicated, but a little organization and few tweaks here and there can go a long way! Setting yourself apart from other students means you have to do the work. These amazing tips can help you organize, focus, and succeed!  

  •  Start working on your application early!

If you wanted to avoid mishaps that can arise when applying for colleges, try to be aware of the deadlines and start early. Admission panels will get thousands of applications from different students across the globe so it’s better to beat the rush and get yours in early! 

  •  Proofread

After finishing all your documents, don’t forget to proofread them a couple of times. You can ask someone from your school or get your parent or guardian to check them out. For online applications, be sure to save and review them before you hit send!

  •  Include Your Extracurricular Activities
This aspect of your college application can show how well-rounded you are as a student. Do you have any leadership positions, or have you been volunteering in some important organizations, traveling abroad for a school mission trip, or even participating in music, or athletic groups? You can include them for sure! 
When it comes to this section, quality is always better than quantity- don’t forget to show    how it’s made an impact on your life.
  •  Check Your Social Media
Since almost everything can be looked up online now, there’s no doubt that school admission teams can look up your profiles and check your social media presence. You want to make sure that your accounts are portraying the same person described in your college application. Maintain a professional and appropriate social media presence in case opportunities may arise- or better yet, keep your accounts private! 
  •   Practice Honesty, Not Perfection

It can be challenging preparing all the documents that will help you stand out from the rest but here’s a fact - DON’T LIE on your college applications! Providing dishonest claims will only be a burden in the long run. Admission officers are authorized to check every document that you’ve submitted, so it’s better to provide them with the honest truth! You can seek opinions & advice from your parents but it’s not right to let them complete or finish your application.      

  • Choose Your Letters of Recommendations Wisely

Colleges will require one or more letters of recommendation from someone who can best describe who you are as a person. This supporting document reveals things about you that grades and test scores can’t!

 To prepare, ask for a recommendation in advance to ensure you meet your deadline. Don’t be afraid to ask for a follow-up with your references a week before the recommendations are due to make sure your letters have been sent. Start making connections now so you won’t be left in a crunch later.

  •  Keep Copies

This should be a reminder for all students to keep a copy of each application forms. Even if it’s an online application, try to make a copy of all the folders you’ve been using for the application process. It’s always good to keep a notebook and print out hard copies. 

 Another tip - don’t forget to save any confirmation emails just in case problems arise. It’s always better to be prepared.