5 Important Things to Include in Your College Planner

Managing time when you’re about to start college can be challenging, especially when leaving high school. Getting into a new routine can be a difficult adjustment for some, and others just a walk in the park. 

One of the few reasons why some new graduates have it hard is because they weren’t organized. Once they get to college, they tend to adopt the lifestyle they had back in high school. We all know college is very different - you can be stuck maneuvering in between the rigorous and hectic classes, homework from different subjects, social events, personal time and extracurricular activities.

School’s about to start again and a lot of high school graduates (even though there’s still a pandemic), are very eager to start preparing to go away. In college, the number of obligations can make or break you. That’s why a lot of people use planners. Here are 5 things to include in your college planner, especially for those just graduating from high school. Take a look!

  • Your goals
    Your goals should be included in your planner to keep you on track. It’s always good to write down what you want in life. In fact, research shows that “42% of people are more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a daily basis.” 
  •  An outline of your plans for the semester
    The amazing thing about college is that you’ll most likely receive a syllabus or course outline about the assignment and tests for the entire semester. Start the year knowing  your workload will increase, so being prepared and organized in advance helps.

  •  Your class schedules 
    It’s always good to have a sense of what your upcoming week will be like, so prioritize your class schedule first. College can start relatively easy with lots of freedom, but all it takes is one class meeting and you’ll find yourself overloaded with studying all night.  You can manage your time effectively between classes if you jot down any changes in your schedule (which is likely to happen in college). The most important thing is to make sure to set time aside to study for those exams.

  •  Expenses
    A good way to keep track of your expenses is to simply put them in your planner. Write down your savings/bills needed to be paid. Find a few minutes every night to note how much you spent and what you spend it on. Budgeting is important. You will find yourself skimming thru your planner to see if you overspent or have just enough for the week.   
  • Personal Thoughts 
    Everyone has a lot of things to be grateful for. By simply writing your entries for the week, you can recall some of the things that brought you joy. This habit will make you feel more content and grateful about the things that you have. You can write about your insights for the week, or use our affirmation journal. 

Don’t worry! Being prepared can give you the upper hand when it comes to attending college. A planner is your starting point.  

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