Gift Boxes

Who doesn’t like gifts? We’ve got you covered!
Send a full year’s subscription including summer, full year without summer, or our personalized birthday box which can be ordered any time of the year.
Please leave any allergy notifications and special notes to your student in the checkout box.

Custom Birthday Box

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Surprise your loved one with Freshman Fun Box's™️ custom birthday box! It's a great way to say "Hi, I'm thinking of you." Each box comes with a t-shirt, card, and a few special things that help make this day special.

A separate email is sent after payment for personalization. The college birthday box care package is available all year with no "order by" date. 

Custom Birthday Box
Custom Birthday Box
Custom Birthday Box
Custom Birthday Box
Custom Birthday Box
4 Freshman Fun boxes with variation of colors
Student holding The HBCU Box
Student holding pink and green Freshman Fun Box
Blue Freshman Fun Box with items

9-month College Care Package & Gift Subscription

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Send smiles to your college student, scholarship recipient or loved one for the entire school year! 9 months of the college care package plus ensures they have all the essentials and more! Great as a gift, during exams or just because. Choose the Freshman Fun Box™️ or The HBCU Box®️. Pay once and you're done.  

3-Month Summer Fun College Care Package

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Missing your college care package? No worries! You don't have to spend the summer without your Freshman Fun Box™️. This 3-month subscription will keep you company while you're stuck on campus getting those awesome grades!